AlumiFuel Power International, Inc. is a alternative energy company marketing licensed technology that generates hydrogen gas and steam for multiple niche applications. We have completed development of our leading edge portable hydrogen generation technology. 


Our technology:

  • Is clean, safe, abundant, and environmentally friendly
  • Generates energy any time, day or night, on demand
  • Requires no external power required


First company in the world to commercialize this type of technology.

  • Provides new energy source which delivers 5-10X the runtime of lithium batteries
  • Applications include portable & back-up power, undersea propulsion and lift gas for weather balloons


Unique Technology being developed/tested for multi-billion $/€ applications

  • Feasibility confirmed by field trials, laboratory demonstrations, customer interaction and government contracts
  • Combined with fuel cell, represents innovative new hydrogen generator providing portable power for remote/emergency requirements
  • Positioned as new and superior power source for longer mission duration Unmanned Undersea Vehicles - significant implications for global anti-terrorist activities, port security and ocean floor mapping
  • Poised to become global industry standard for weather balloon lift gas



12 December 2012




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